Topic outline

  • Welcome to the Moodle User Guide course! 

    This course is designed to help you navigate and use the Moodle platform effectively. Whether you are a learner looking to access course materials, submit assignments, and participate in discussions, or a teacher/trainer aiming to create courses, manage content, and grade assignments, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information and resources. 

    The course is divided into two main sections: one for learners and one for teachers/trainers. Each section includes comprehensive PDF and video guides to enhance your learning experience.

  • If You Are a Learner

    This section is made for learners using our Moodle platform. It covers all the essential functionalities you need to navigate the platform, access and manage your course materials, participate in forum discussions and solve quizzes. The resources provided here will help you to become proficient in using Moodle for your educational needs.


    1. Change the language
    2. Login to the platform
    3. Enroll in the course
    4. Forum section
    5. Complete the course modules
    6. Solve the quizzes
    7. Provide feedback
    8. Download the certificate

  • If You Are a Teacher/Trainer

    This section is made for teachers and trainers using Moodle. It provides detailed instructions on how to create and manage courses, upload and organize content, facilitate forum discussions, create assignments, and student management. This equips you with the skills needed to effectively utilize Moodle as an educational tool.


    1. How to change the language
    2. How to log in
    3. How to access the teacher role
    4. How to edit course content
    5. How to engage your students
    6. How to add quizzes
    7. Download the certificate
    8. How to add badges
    9. Student management

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