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  • The course covers specific issues related to online shopping and consumer awareness, which young people often neglect or are unaware of. Therefore, the aim of the course is to cover the most important dimensions of consumer awareness in the digital world. 

    This course consists of 5 modules. We invite you to introduce yourself, go through the course materials at your own pace and take the assessments at your convenience. After completing all the steps, you can download your course completion certificate.

    We wish you happy learning!

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  • Module 1. Introduction to consumer awareness in digital environments- rights and responsibilities

    By the completion of this module, trainees should be able:

    • explain the significance of consumer rights and responsibilities in digital environments
    • identify the areas where consumer rights and responsibilities relate to
    • categorize those consumer rights which are commonly violated or neglected
    • determine the interconnection between online and offline consumer rights and responsibilities
    • examine different aspects of online entrepreneurship 
    • determine the quality of online advertising
    • evaluate misleading information contained in digital advertising.

  • Forum activity 1


    • to recognize common issues related to consumer awareness
    • to understand consumers’ rights in online environments
    • to critically analyze the information provided through online advertisements

  • Assessment 1

  • Module 2: Ethical considerations and risks for online shopping

    By the completion of the module, you should be able to:

    • understand the basic ethical considerations and risks related to shopping online
    • compare different online payment services such as PayPal
    • examine several online sales websites based on their trustworthiness
    • recognize ethical or unethical offers when shopping online
    • describe the connection between consumers’ rights and refund practices
    • recognize examples of ethical or unethical practices when advertising or selling products online
    • determine the correct use of a credit card when shopping online
    • interpret behaviors related to the addiction to online sales
    • evaluate the terms and conditions of products sold and bought online
    • apply safety measures when shopping online

  • Forum activity 2


    • to recognize common ethical issues related on online selling and buying
    • to understand how security and privacy can be protected while shopping online
    • to become an ethical consumer

  • Assessment 2

  • Module 3. Online marketing

    By the completion of the module, you should be able to:

    • understand and identify different strategies and techniques of online marketing
    • explain similarities and differences between traditional marketing methods and online advertising
    • consider the format and structure of online advertisements
    • explain why social media use specific marketing strategies
    • determine the effects of email marketing
    • recognize the influence which Youtubers, influencers and celebrities exert on consumers through online marketing 
    • evaluate online marketing techniques
    • distinguish between different types of online marketing
    • define risks behind online advertising
    • justify the online marketing techniques on social media
    • evaluate the role of Youtubers, influencers and celebrities in today’s online marketing and advertising
    • match different types of online marketing to certain products and services
    • critically evaluate online advertisements

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  • Forum Activity 3


    • identify the ways online marketing takes place
    • understand the importance of critical thinking
    • realize the best ways to avoid risks related to online advertising

  • Assessment 3

    • Receive a grade Receive a passing grade
      • Gain your third Badge "Researcher"
      If your score for the quiz is above 50% you will be awarded your third badge.

  • Module 4. E-Entrepreneurship

    By the completion of the module, you should be able to:

    • understand the differences and similarities between online and offline entrepreneurship
    • detect the ways to become an online entrepreneur
    • realize the potential risks of becoming an online entrepreneur
    • identify the current trends of online entrepreneurship
    • present the importance of the General Data Protection Regulation
    • evaluate different online entrepreneurial initiatives
    • critically think on the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an online entrepreneur
    • determine the factors that differentiate a successful online entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one

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  • Forum activity 4


    • identify the types and features of online entrepreneurship
    • realize how online entrepreneurship affects you as a customer
    • understand potential implications of becoming an online entrepreneur

  • Assessment 4

    • Receive a grade Receive a passing grade

      • Gain your fourth Badge "Expert"
      If your score for the quiz is above 50% you will be awarded your fourth badge.

  • Module 5. Getting deeper on consumers’ rights and responsibilities

    By the completion of the module, you should be able to:

    • understand the rights and responsibilities all consumers have
    • detect the differences between online and offline rights and responsibilities
    • realize common threats to consumers’ rights
    • identify responsible and irresponsible behaviors when shopping online
    • understand the process of consumer dispute resolution in the E.U.

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  • Forum activity 5


    • identify the ways consumers’ rights can be violated
    • understand the importance of consumers’ rights and responsibilities
    • realize the best ways to exercise rights and responsibilities as a consumer

  • Assessment 5

  • Course completion certificate

    You have reached the end of the course.

    Congratulations going through all the online course modules!

    The link "Download your certificate for the Consumer Awareness course", will be available upon completing all the tasks listed below.

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