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  • General information

    It is important to remember that the self-assessments are aids to understanding overall personality, preferences, strengths, style(s) etc. which is always a mixture in each individual person. There are no right or wrong, good or bad, no expected or desirable responses. When answering the self-assessments, be honest - focus on the way you really are, not the way you “ought to be” for someone else or the way you would like to be.

    You might find it helpful to choose a time/place when you are unlikely to be disturbed and when you are feeling quite relaxed.

    The toolkit is intended to be used flexibly as and when you prefer. You can complete as many or as few of the self-assessments as you wish, according to your individual situation/needs. Your outputs are confidential to you unless you wish to share them to support others’ understanding. Where you feel comfortable, along with assessing yourself, it may be beneficial to ask your manager and/or a trusted colleague/peer to assess you by completing one or more of your chosen self-assessments, so you are able to compare your outputs with their outputs and discuss similarities/differences to enhance your learning.
  • Learning Style Assessment

    You need to log into the platform and enroll to the course to access the assessment.

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