Media consumption is very important in the lives of young people. The production of media and communication with media is also an everyday occurrence in the lives of many young people using smartphones. In many cases, however, the productive skills are at a basal level and often not reflected. The module aims to promote media literacy in the critical analysis and design of media. Therefore, this module is kept very practical:

  • The first part is about planning a media project. As an example, the conception of video production is explained.
  • The second part of the module deals with images in videos and photos. Choosing the right frame, considering the background when shooting and why we filmmakers always think about editing when shooting. 
  • In the third part, we go into more depth on technical questions of sound recording and sound editing. We also take a look at what equipment is needed to produce professional films.
  • The fourth part is about addressing the viewer with colour and graphic design.
  • The last part of this module is all about editing and output for the appropriate platform to reach the desired audience.